Permissions and VOCALOIDTM characters guidelines

The following guidelines are provided for the use of VOCALOID characters, such as images, movies, names, dolls, and costumes. VOCALOID characters are included in VOCALOID software products released from MTK Inc. and INTERNET Co., Ltd., such as VOCALOID4 Otomachi Una. To use such VOCALOIDTM characters, you must first agree to the following license terms.

1. Definition of term

In this guidelines, "VOCALOID characters" means copyrighted materials, such as images, designed characters, product's name ("Otomachi Una") and character's name ("Otomachi Una") used in the official web site or advertising materials for the sale.

2. Permission and prohibition

You can exhibit and distribute VOCALOID characters and secondary creations only for the personal or member circle's use under the non-business purpose.

You may not exhibit or distribute VOCALOID characters and secondary creations which impairs the VOCALOID characters' image remarkably, violates public policy or the rights of any third party.

3. Licensing required separately

The following purposes or forms, licensing is needed separately. When licensing is required, please be sure to ask to INTERNET Co., Ltd. with the inquiry form.

(1) Use on business

When VOCALOID characters is used for a commercial use.

Business means aiming at acquiring a counter value from a third party in solid materials, images, softwares, etc. which use VOCALOID characters, or acquiring a counter value from a third party. The case where the user of VOCALOID characters gets profits in some forms, such as sales promotion, is included regardless of the existence for the purpose of counter value acquisition.

(2) Use with solid materials, solid thing and clothes

Solid materials, such as what is called a figure, solid thing use, use with clothes.

In addition, you can use within limits permitted by this guideline, without nonprofit and obtaining a prior inquiry in use gratuitously.

(3) When a corporation or various organizations exhibit and distribute VOCALOID character or the secondary creation of VOCALOID characters.

4. Change of this guideline

INTERNET Co., Ltd. shall change the contents of this guidelines by notifying of the revision announcement and the revised parts on our web site etc.

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